Book of Rhymes Series

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A few years ago, I began to notice the extensive amount of rhymes and pages I write in order to complete a song, I then knew nobody would hear the left overs that come with working extra.


I manage to fill up books, over the last 17 years of writing and making music, I decided to start a series with my fans directly to present the lyrics that never made it to the microphone booth.

The Series

So, I give you the "Book of Rhymes" Series, acapella instrumentation of rhymes, with no distraction, so you can hear and enjoy the art of lyrics. 

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Page 1

  • Page 1 "Book of Rhymes"

Page 2

  • Page 2 "Book of Rhymes"

Page 3 (part 1)

Page 3 (Part 1) "Book of Rhymes"

Page 3 (part 2)

  1. Page 3 (Part 2) "Book of Rhymes"

Page 4

  • Page 4 "Book of Rhymes"